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Squire Baron Baronet Lord Ritari of the Sun, the Faithful, the Original, SON! of Nine Blades, the Cursed Paragon Assassin, Signifer of the Ebon Order, of Caradoc Hold, Goldenvale


Young Ritari is a king among men! -Glyn

You're a GOD among men! -Joxar



Ritari first came to Amtgard in December 2011, after being brought to an event by Lofold. After the event, he rallied a few people together to create the chapter Annwyn, while attending school in Fredonia, New York. Having experience in martial arts and other forms of LARPing, Ritari has been mistaken to be involved with Amtgard for longer than he actually has.

We're not quite sure what Ritari's obsession with the sun is, but regardless, you will know he's around when you hear his battlecry. "PRAISE THE SUN!", which is slowly being used by others throughout Goldenvale.

Ritari and Dee are believed to be the same person, or at least related. However, they are not.

After finishing college, Ritari relocated to Rochester, NY, making his home park Caradoc Hold

Ritari has worked on a digital sign-in system for use in Amtgard (currently inactive)

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Paragon Assassin, awarded by King Nexus Crow the hand of Duke Trik Bail, in June 2016
  • Founder and first sheriff of Annywn.
  • Started petitioning Ebon Order in April, 2012, became a member at Yule 2012.
  • Accepted a page belt from Promethea at Yule, 2012; her squire as of May 2016.
  • Lord at Fury of the Northlands 2013 by Khaleesi Quynn
  • Elevated to Baronet at Goldenvale Coronation, March 2015 by King Nydgenga Dawnbreaker
  • Baron at Goldenvale Coronation, December 2016 by King Noodles Aldente
  • Non-Noble titles: The Faithful, The Original, The Cursed, SON!! of Nine Blades
  • Once killed a baby, because Bowen told him to.
  • Is secretly a jazz lion.
  • First Floating Crown Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Goldenvale, and first Kingdom officer from New York.

Positions Held

  • Annwyn Weaponmaster (October 2012- 2014)
  • Caradoc Hold Guildmaster of Assassins
  • Sheriff of Annwyn (December 2011- June 2012, January 2013- May 2013)
  • Champion of Annwyn (June 2012- January 2013)
  • Chancellor of Annwyn (Pro-tem) (May 2013- September 2013)
  • Prime Minister of Goldenvale (May 2015- September 2015)
  • Duke of Caradoc Hold (June 2016 - December 2016)

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