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Lord Hawkeye Lofold, of Caradoc Hold, Goldenvale

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Started playing July 25th 2008 in Caradoc Hold, where it was very friendly and inviting which made him come back during breaks in his schooling. After 1 year in the game he quickly picked up using a bow and became notorious for his sniping ability and quick feet. While at College he played in The Shire of Annwyn where they have been making a name for themselves with multiple trips to other groups near their area. Now back with Caradoc Hold but still hold strong ties with many of the players from Annwyn.

Facts about Lofold

  • Lofold is known to turn vampires against their will.
  • If you hear, "Five!" you should probably duck.
  • Lofold is an infamous flirt.
  • A founding member of Annwyn (Chapter).
  • One of few survivors of Zombie Ate My Amtgard 2 (ZAMA2)- a 24 hour zombie apocalypse
  • Survived ZAMA3 with 2 Caradoc Hold Members
  • 3rd highest number of zombie kills that weekend with 123
  • Always willing to help with being a Medic at events

Affiliated Groups

House of Healing hands

Notable Accomplishments

Belted Family

Was formerly Paged to Lady Petra, but upon receiving his Lord title, she welcomed him as her peer rather than her Page.

Now starting his own family Paged Darius Night

Positions Held

  • Guildmaster of Archers, Caradoc Hold, June 2009 - December 2010
  • Guildmaster of Gladiators, Caradoc Hold, June 2009 - December 2009


"This game has allowed me to meet and make many friends from all over the country and within my school, while helping start a new group I learned a great deal about leadership and working with other officers of the field. I wouldn't change any of the experiences I have had in the time I have been in this game for anything in the world"

More Information

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