Annwyn (Chapter)

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Barony of Annwyn

A Barony of Goldenvale of Amtgard, located in Fredonia, New York.



Founded in December 2011. After Ritari was brought to an event by Lofold, he then rallied Lofold, Jacqueline, and Kartik together to form Annwyn while they attended college together. The founders spread the words to friends, as well as the rest of the school. Soon after, the group began making a name for themselves, traveling to several Goldenvale events, bringing new blood and excitement into the atmosphere.

Achievments and Facts

  • Signed contract: December 2011
  • First field: January 27, 2012
  • Sponsored under The kingdom of Goldenvale since May 2012.
  • Flag made by Duska. Finalized digital copies made by Promethea
  • Annwyn is jokingly known as Haranshire v3.0
  • Annwyn is rumored of breeding babykillers.
  • Barony Achieved December 12, 2015


Represented Companies

Represented Households

  • Cult of the Third Hand (Founded in Annwyn)
  • House of the Wilds (Founded in Annwyn)

Contacts and Directions

Annwyn meets Wednesday at 8pm inside of fenton room 179 for Craft Night,Friday at 5pm Outside of the william Center across from Steele Hall, then inside Dods Gym Next to steele hall by the pool entrance from 8pm to 10pm, Saturday at 12pm Outside the william Center across from Steele hall. Fredonia college campus when the weather is nice out and inside when it's not. (280 Central Ave Fredonia, NY. 14063) SUNY Campus Map
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