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Tribute by stunt double - BOB

Link to Tyr's ORK: https://ork.amtgard.com/orkui/index.php?Route=Player/index/76832

Builder of the iconic weapons Fish-du & The Cheese Sword

Tyr is an expert Amateur Foamsmith (Doesn't do commissions/Doesn't operate a business) that is dedicated to safety, teaching, and innovating new ways to do things, having built his first Belegarth sword in 2006 and first Amtgard sword in 2009.

All classes Tyr teaches are at the COST of the materials and are never intended to turn a profit. Any tips or marginal profit carries over to purchasing new materials for the next set of classes. Tyr runs what he calls the [Secret Shop], which isn't really a shop at all. He simply rebuilds weapons for members and park loaners at cost. Tyr has always rebuilt the all the loaners for his home park, wherever that may be, since starting Amtgard in 2009.

Tyr began foam fighting in 2006 with Belegarth in Florida at 19.

After a few years, Tyr met Warshaw and was introduced to Amtgard.

Tyr's starting Amtgard park was the shire NodRama of Neverwinter back in 2009 where he was Champion for AGES.

Tyr starting playing at his current kingdom (The Empire of the Iron Mountains) at the Iron Mountains Duchy in 2018.

Noticing a stark divide at the park in terms of cliques (Sword jocks and Battle gamers never participating together), Tyr embarked on a half-decade-long journey to repair the park culture and heal the divide. Tyr enlisted the help of the Band of the Hammers by convincing them to participate in exchange for a fair ratio of ditch to battlegames and ran for champion. Served as champion for 1 reign at IMD in 2018. This work of attempting to shift and heal the culture of IMD extended into his reigns as Monarch of Iron Mountains Duchy for the following 2 reigns in 2019.

Tyr was very excited to be Imperial champion in 2020, but tragedy (COVID) struck. It was pretty tough being the physical game runner for a game no longer playing. Tyr assisted Imperial by setting up a coronation discord server.

During this time, Tyr became a Facebook Administrator for the Kingdom and a co-organizer for the Kingdom's meetup group.

Later on when social distancing requirements were dropped, Tyr took on the duties of Monarch of Iron Mountains Duchy for Amtgard's Reopening post Covid Winter 2021 and ran the Duchy without other officers for 2-3 months until eventually able to fill the other officer roles. Monarch for a second reign spring 2022. Stepped into the Empire of the Iron Mountains Board of Directors role Spring 2022 (22 month term) after the existing Board of Directors president resigned.

During re-opening year at IMD (2021-2022), Tyr hosted & provided all materials for 22 weapon & shield-making classes, roughly one class every other week and often scheduled make-up workshops for people who couldn't attend. In this year alone, Tyr taught weapon construction classes which produced over 100 weapons to members of the Empire.

When not hosting & running classes, Tyr mostly reeves battle games and tournaments and organizes Bulk Orders for his kingdom (having saved the Kingdom $3,470 to date by rallying members to collectively purchase to secure bulk order discounts).

Tyr has taught 29 weapon/shield-making classes since the re-opening (28 in person, 1 online) in 2021.

After attending Salt Wars in 2022, Tyr began working to coordinate an event for the Iron Mountains at the same site in Rangely, CO. He secured a friendship with Tim Weber of Rangely and Nic LeFevre of Rangely and this enabled him to secure the site for Rakis 2023 - The Feywild Forest. Sharing in the same site with the Desert Winds has allowed for a number of coordinated efforts, not least of which was securing year-round storage for the Desert Winds and the Empire of the Iron Mountains in Rangely, CO at the Rangely Rec Center.

This partnership would continue as Rangely would continue to be the hosting site for both the Desert Winds' Salt Wars/Phoenix Bazaar and the Empire of the Iron Mountains' Rakis Event for the year 2024.

  • Thousand Swords Club - Has made this many weapons or more in his career.

Positions Held

  • 2009 - 2x Champion: NodRama - Neverwinter
  • 2010 - 2x Champion: NodRama - Neverwinter
  • 2011 - 1x Champion: NodRama - Neverwinter
  • 2012 - 1x Monarch & 1x Prime Minister: NodRama - Neverwinter
  • 2018 - 1x Champion: IMD, Iron Mountains
  • 2019 - 2x Monarch: IMD, Iron Mountains
  • 2020 - 1x Imperial Champion, Empire of the Iron Mountains
  • 2021 - 2022 - 2x Monarch: IMD, Iron Mountains
  • 2022 - 2023 - Board of Directors Member (Feb 2022 until Jan 1 2024)
  • 2023 - Rakis Autocrat
  • 2021 - Present - Empire of the Iron Mountains Discord Moderator
  • 2021 - Present - Empire of the Iron Mountains Facebook Administrator