Caradoc Hold

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A formerly a Duchy under the Kingdom of Goldenvale, and located in Rochester, NY.

Caradoc Hold
Background Chevronny: Azure et Vert
Chevronny Chevron pattern using an odd total of lines to split the field
Azure Loyalty and Truth
Vert Hope, Joy, and Loyalty in love
Foreground Tree: Argent
Tree The link between heaven, earth, life, death, and resurrection
Argent Peace and Sincerity


Caradoc Hold was formed in the fall of 2004 as the rebirth of a subsiding Amtgard group in Rochester called Concordia. It was for a short period known as New Concordia, before being renamed Caradoc Hold by the four founders of the group, Lady Squire Molly Mallone, Baronet Squire Padraic O'Loan, Lesser Thane Glyn Aidan and Master Yu'on Tenstags. The four were for a time the first set of officers, mainly because they were the only four in the shire. Caradoc has grown since then with a primarily college-age based pool of members, attained Barony status at Great Eastern IX in May 2007, and Duchy status at Fury of the Northlands in September 2009.

Since Caradoc's early days, it was part of a special sub-group brother program fostered between itself and the Duchy of Wolvenfang, that first grew to include other Canadian parks, and has now transformed into an international effort to create a future kingdom in the North. Caradoc spent several years as part of the principality which was formed, the Nine Blades, but have since left the project to pursue their own path.

An in-character history of Caradoc was written by Glyn Aidan in October of 2006 and covers much of the early history of the group.

Caradoc was also the host of its own annual summer event called Tribal Rivals, and an annual Yule Feast in the winter.

Merged with Blightstone Hallow in 2017 to form Syrindale.


Some of the folk of Caradoc are...


Founded in Caradoc: White Horse Consortium, Jove's Fist, Blue Crane

Represented in Caradoc: White Boar, Ebon Order, Omega, Rebels of the Sacred Heart, Dragon Syndicate


"I made it out that direction a couple of years ago and managed to drop by and play a little. Your best bet for contacting them is the Goldenvale forums ( and they are Caradoc Hold (which in my head always reads Cardiac Hold *g*). They were nice folks, but summer is their off time (lots of university people) so it will probably be a small crowd. If you let them know you are coming ahead of time, they said (when I visited) that people will drive in to visit. They were good hosts. =)" Dame Squeak!

Contacts and Directions

Caradoc Held play twice a week, on Sunday afternoons by the Veteran's Memorial in Highland Park, and Wednesday evenings at Cobb's Hill Park.

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They could be reached at:

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The last known officers were:

(Previous Caradoc Hold Officers)

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