Dwarf Dreadbeard

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Baronet Man-At-Arms Dwarf Dreadbeard, of Blood Marsh, Kingdom of the Wetlands

"They sometimes called him, The Ever Late Cardinal Jameson, Baronet Dwarf Dreadbeard, Man-At-Arms to Apex Q and Gremio DeLoki, Pirate of Stormwall, The Dirty Swamp Wizard, Frog Whisperer, Champion of Blood Marsh." - Neiva G. Morningstar



Dwarf is a villain who helped in the founding of Blood Marsh when he was thrown out of every decent settlement in the area. He befriended a few locals who helped in the founding of the settlement. Along the way, the others started to see Dwarf for the villain that he was, but the settlement of Blood Marsh always came first. The locals still tolerate Dwarf as he (probably) poses no real threat to the land. He is always scheming ways to "Reclaim what is rightfully his." He was fought along side the Death Eaters during the wizarding school reign, sided with Loki and helped bring about Ragnarok, and is always scheming to find new villainous allies to aide in his "conquest" of Blood Marsh.


Cody is a professional tattoo artist in Central Louisiana. He helped found Blood Marsh, but got his start at Crimson Moon. He focuses on service and making sure he can do anything in his power to make sure those around him enjoy the events that he works.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Awards List

Award Order Number Recieved By Whom
Order of the Rose 4 25 August 2018 Chewie Lightguard
Order of the Warrior 3 14 October 2018 Dwarf Dreadbeard
Order of the Smith 2 21 April 2019 Arngeir Stormblade
Order of the Owl 2 5 August 2018 Varik StoutBrew
Order of the Dragon 1 24 June 2018 Varik StoutBrew

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