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Short and powerfully built, Dwarves have a reputation that defies their small size. Capable of the finest metal and stone crafting known to man, these bearded warriors are not to be taken lightly. As a race they possess a grim determination and an amazing constitution against threats both magical and mundane.
Dor Un Avathar X

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • a blocky looking helmet
  • a beard (real or fake)
  • Suggested: blocky looking shields. Metal Armor. Maces, Axes, or Hammers as weapons.
Requirements None
Monster Type Humanoid
Level 2
Power Rating 1
Armor 4 (Worn)
Shields Large
Weapons Short, Long, Heavy Thrown



  • None

Special Notes

The caster may only have one instance of Harden and one instance of Imbue Armor active at a time.