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A red mask on a black field: a common heraldry for Assassins

Assassin is a core class focused on stealth, trickery, and (of course) assassination.

From the Rulebook

From the Japanese concept of ninja to the classic French highwayman and everything in between. The Assassin represents a wide range of characters relying on speed, agility, and creativity rather than brute force to accomplish their goals


The Ninja, Ebu Tahir, Ronin, Hassan-I-Sabah, Altaïr ibn-La’Ahad, Naruto Uzumak


Garb: Black sash and medieval/sword and sorcery looking garb
Look The Part: Poison (self-only) 1/Life (ex)
Armor: 2pts
Shields: None
Weapons: Dagger, Short, Long, Light Throwing, Heavy Throwing, Bow

Class Abilities

Abilites By Level
Level Abilities
1st Shadow Step 2/life (ex) (Ambulant)

Assassinate Unlimited (ex) (Ambulant)

2nd Poison (self-only) 1/Life Charge x3 (ex)
3rd Blink 2/life (ex) (Ambulant)
4th Hold Person 1/Life (m)
5th Teleport (self-only) 2/Life (ex)
6th Coup de Grace 1/Life (m)

Shadow Step

T: Verbal S:Sorcery R: Self
I: “I Step into the Shadows”x1
E: Player becomes Insubstantial.


T: Verbal S: Death R: 20’
I: Say the word “Assassinate”immediately upon killing a person.
E: The victim is Cursed.


T: Enchantment S: Death R: Self
M: Red strip
I: “I coat these weapons with a deadly poison”x2
E: The next Wound dealt by the bearer in melee is Wounds Kill.


T: Verbal S:Sorcery R: Self
I: “I vanish from sight”
E: Player becomes Insubstantial and can move to any location within 50’ from their starting point.
L: Caster may not end State within 10’ of a living enemy.

Hold Person

T: Verbal S: Command
R: 20ft
I: “I command thee to stop”x3
E: Target player becomes Stopped for 30 seconds.


T: Verbal S: Sorcery R: Self
I: “I travel through the aether”x5
E: Player becomes Insubstantial and moves directly to a location chosen at the time of casting by the caster. Upon arrival, they must immediately end the effect as per Insubstantial.
N: If the player’s Insubstantial state is removed before they have reached their destination, the effects of Teleport end.

Coup de Grace

T: Verbal S: Death R: 20’
I: “Death shall come for thee” x3
E: Target player dies.
L: Target must be Wounded prior to starting the Incantation. Although it still functions even if they are healed by the end of the Incantation.

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