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About Assassins

This is a page that includes direct quotes from people about history or other in game aspects; these can come in the form of sage advice, rants or humor. Updaters please feel free to add to the pages below but please do not subtract even if you disagree with the info or opinion.

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Why Assassins are good.

  • Face mask hides unsightly acne.
  • Black goes with anything. Sooner or later, it goes with everything.
  • Assassins know the value of human life, often down to the cent.
  • Assassins do not discriminate. Our services are available to everyone... except, of course, those who are too poor to afford them. (Ludicrous the poor are our ears, thusly we owe them which allows them to have contracts for only words.)
  • No one calls shame on back-stabs from assassins -- It's their profession.

Why Assassins suck.

  • Assassins are people who didn't have the patience to get through first level Monk. They didn't take the pebble from the master's hand.

Taver Firestrike Says

"Assassins do it from behind."

=Raziel Strauss Adds

"The only class so far I have liked, mind you I thought about scout, and archer but Assassin just said pick me. Plus many of the other classes don't carry as much as we/I (could be my personal preference though :p) do. Ever see the look in a Wizard/Druid's face when they heat your weapon, and you pull another one out 3 times in a row? Let me tell you it's priceless".