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His/Her Royal Majesty, our Monarch

Head chapter officer

Monarch, in the world

A monarch (see sovereignty) is a type of ruler or head of state. Monarchs almost always inherit their titles and are rulers for life; that is, they have no term limit. Historically monarchs have been more or less absolute rulers. Modern monarchs are often figureheads who either have power but do not exercise it personally, or have little power. However, there are others with substantial or absolute power. Monarchs usually represent a larger monarchical system which has established rules and customs regarding succession, duties, and powers. A nation ruled by a monarch is called a monarchy. Those arguing against the concept of Monarchy are often, but not always, republicans.

The word "monarch" derives from Greek monos archein, meaning "one ruler," and referred to an absolute ruler in ancient Greece. With time, the word has been succeeded in this meaning by others, like autocrat or dictator, and the word monarch in modern usage almost always refers to a traditional system of hereditary rulership

Monarchs in Amtgard

In charge of organizing the group for the duration of their reign in office. They are the highest authority in the kingdom. On a local level the Monarch is the highest official in an Amtgard chapter, elected by the dues paying populace from the declared candidates who have passed Crown Quals. Terms are for six months, and in most corpora no more than two consecutive terms may be served. The term of a Monarch is often referred to as a reign. The first five monarchs of the Burning lands were chosen by Right of Arms but on September 12 1987, The club voted 34 to 23 for election rather than trial by combat to choose the next monarch.

Being a monarch at any level is very taxing. Give your monarch the support and loyalty that they deserve.

For a Kingdom, the Monarch is called the King or Queen. For smaller chapters, the term would be Duke (or Duchess) for a Duchy (or Grand Duchy), Baron (or Baroness) for a Barony, and Sheriff for a Shire. If they are being used, there could also be a Prince for a Principality.

Look here for a listing of all the first monarchs of the 14 kingdoms. Also see the page about the First Five Monarchs of amtgard and the Monarchy page for a listing of the monarchies of Amtgard everywhere.

Responsibilities of the office

The duties of a monarch may vary some in different kingdoms as defined by their corpora, but primarily it is the monarchs duty to preside over all events occurring during their reign. To settle disputes within the populace and mend old rivalries. Should their be a tie in any election or vote the monarch has the right to break that tie.

Variant honorifics used by a Kingdom Monarch

Variants on the Titles Given to Former Monarchs