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Somber, of Starmount, Iron Mountains

"I don't think I could be one of those celibate priests, I couldn't rape that many boys."



Somber began playing Amtgard when a player told him about in a game store and convinced him to come. Later he dragged Lumpy and Scarr to Amtgard and they got hooked. He started playing at the Freehold Mists of the Dawn, then moved to Starmount a year later. He moved to Omaha in August 2006 and played sporadically in Querna Tema. In March 2009 he returned to minnesota and is once again a member of Starmount

Fun fact: Somber was his Final Fantasy XI character's name.

Somber has a knack for sewing and earned his first owl for a quilted gambison he made.