Tristan Garnovich

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Tristan Garnovich
Chapter Western Winds
Kingdom Blackspire (Stormhaven)
Started Winter 2011

Western Winds


Man-at-Arms Tristan Garnovich of Western Winds


Tristan started his amtgard career in the winter of 2011 in the shire of western winds. He was a huge LARPer already(since september 1996), but never participated in a LARP that was focused on fighting. He found many worthy opponents in the shire which helped him to better his game. He was known for being the tank in the park as he was one of the few with self crafted chain mail.

Amtgard also gave him the opportunities to increase his crafting skills. The flails were a new discovery for him, he tried to make many but none of them were really reliable. He made multiple other kinds of weaponry, including arrows, javelins, polearms, throwing weapons, swords, flails, great swords and shields.

He will charm you with his sword and board techniques and his french accent. But don't turn your back on him, or you might end up with an arrow in your back.

Belted Line


Affiliated Groups

Nordic Nomads

Additional Accomplishments

Shire Champion x1

Shire Warmaster x1