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Saint Sularus Silversword, of Mithril Hills within the Northern Lights, Kingdom of Blackspire

”Est Sularus oth Mithas- My honor is my life” - Sturm Brightblade, Dragonlance



  • Sularus was squired to Sir Valerus Elwing Thorne until he joined the peerage in 1994.
  • Sularus spear-headed VSR's rejoining of Amtgard. During the reign of King Icefyre, second king of VSR, the kingdom had decided to leave Amtgard. After meeting with many of the Monarch's of Amtgard, it was agreed to let VSR join back into Amtgard once again as a kingdom and that everyone whom recieved any awards, titles, or knighthoods would be permitted to keep them, since while gone VSR had kept the exact same awards standards.

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