Vale Claddath

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Squire Vale Claddath, of Silvermoon, Blackspire

”A single blade in the night is worth a thousand swords at dawn.”



Vale joined Amtgard 17 years ago. His early years as a fledging barbarian were filled with countless glorious battles and even more deaths. With each painful reminder his prowess grew. In 2010 he made Silvermoon his home where he honed his skills on the endless horde of monsters the plague the woods.

Late in 2017 Squire Kalzar belted Vale as his Man-at-Arms. Sir Kalzar received his Crown belt in January of 2018 and elevated Vale to Squire.

Vale's current aspirations are to continue his climb for Warlord, put more energy into Silvermoon, and reignite his passion for crafting.

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Black Company

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