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Arch Duchess, Squire Christiana Zatine, of Mithril Hills within the Northern Lights, Kingdom of Blackspire

”Bloody pirates...”

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Christiana began Amtgard in the summer of 2002. She has been a very involved and helpful person since day one. In less than a year after joining she became active in land politics becoming chancellor of Mithril Hills. While in Amtgard she has shown a talent for the arts, most in the area of dance, having belly danced at major kingdom functions and A&S competitions often. She is also a talented singer and baker.

Christiana was the pro-tem chancellor of Mithril Hills for the last half of it's 7th reign and then did a full term in that office for it's 8th through 13th reign. While chancellor Christiana made sure that all of the records from the land were added to the ORK. She stepped up again to be chancellor for Mithril Hills' 17th and 18th reign. Following her most recent reign as chancellor, Christiana became the 20th monarch of Mithril Hills.

As of February 21st, Christians was elected the 9th Monarch of Black Spire.

Not to be confused with Scorch Flamedancer, who's Mundane name is Christiana.

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Notable Accomplishments

  • Christiana is titled a baroness by patent for all the work she has done for Mithril Hills as its chancellor and all the work she has done for the club outside of that office.
  • 9th Monarch of Blackspire
  • Arch Duchess

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