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"A man can be the master of many things, but not often, himself." -Twain

What is a Masterhood?

There are many different singular Masterhoods in the game of Amtgard but there are three main types The title, Class Masterhood known as Paragons, and Order Masterhoods.

Class Masterhoods are given for the obvious reason, excellence in the named class. For instance, Paragon Archer would be given for excellence in playing of the Archer class. Every class has one of these and in most corporas to achieve this award, something like this must happen; You behave excellently in class 'X', the Guildmaster of the Class recommends you to the Monarch for your masterhood, then jointly the Monarch and the Prime Minister decide if you are worthy or not. To some people these don't mean anything, to others they are the coolest thing ever, it's all about perspective. After the adoption of the V8 RoP, all new class masterhoods are named "Paragon" in order to alleviate confusion between class masterhood and Order Masterhood.

Excerpt from the BL Corpora

4.2 Masterhood in the Service Guilds and Orders:

  • 4.21 As per the current Award Standardization.
  • 4.22 Denotes excellence in contributions to the group in the area listed (see explanations of the orders themselves).
  • 4.23 Specific types of Masterhood:
  • 4.231 Dragon- Per the current Award Standardization.
  • 4.2311 Hydra- 10 orders of the Hydra.
  • 4.232 Garber- Per the current Award Standardization.
  • 4.233 Lion- Per the current Award Standardization.
  • 4.234 Owl- Per the current Award Standardization.
  • 4.235 Reeve- 12 weeks experience as a reeve.
  • 4.236 Rose- Per the current Award Standardization.
  • 4.237 Smith- Per the current Award Standardization.
  • 4.238 Warrior (designated title: Warlord)- Per the current Award Standardization.
  • 4.239 The Monarch may create other titles and forms of Masterhood that do not conflict/compete with the existing ladder awards.

For clarity and ease of organization I will list the possible class masterhoods here.


The title of Master is generally awarded based on the discretion of the Monarch for service to the club or also awarded for six months service as Champion of a Duchy, Prime Minster of a Barony, or Regent of a Shire but the particulars depend on one's kingdom corpora.


The second, and perhaps more sought after type of Masterhood is Order Masterhood. This is a Masterhood in a ladder award which usually qualifies the player receiving it for some knighthood or other. Masterhoods in orders are most often received after the player has reached the tenth order of the particular ladder award. In some Kingdoms like the Iron Mountains a player may not receive his masterhood with out his or her tenth order, In others like the Emerald Hills and the Celestial Kingdom in cases of great worth it in possible to receive your masterhood before you receive your tenth order.

Order Masterhoods