Halo Andromeda Dark Owl

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Woman at Arms Halo Andromeda Dark Owl, of Thorn Mountain, Burning Lands

Home Park Thorn Mountain
Kingdom Burning Lands
Noble Title None
Belt Status Woman at Arms
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As I told you, my story is ever changing, and here it changes again.

I started out Halo Andromeda VanElderen, of the Golden Plains. The good people of GP offered me many good times, memories, and lots of fun but alas, that time came to an end shortly after a Barbarian took me hostage and tied me up and claimed me for his own and carried me to the good people of the Burning Lands. Now a member of Thorn Mountain, me and my amtgard mate, Sevron Dark Owl, travel the Burning Lands in search of new memories, friends, and whacks. You will always find us at Clan, where our story began.

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