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Baron Squire Raven Aryan Lightshadow Lightfoot 'nav Nox the True, of Dragonspine

"Ring... face... ow..." - most epic bell ring EVAR

"It burns us precious!"

"OLD PEOPLE!!" - trying to get DS fighters out of the way of an elderly couple at demo.

"You realize you're a real live lol cat, right?" -Linden


Raven's Personal Heraldry
Home Park Dragonspine
Kingdom Dragonspine
Year Started 2006
Noble Title Baroness
Belt Status Squire


Raven has played Amtgard for several years, starting in May of 2006. He has seen a lot, and been involved in his kingdom from the very beginning. He's known for dragging people out to play, among them his twin River Swiftblade. In October of 2008 he was asked by Ironpaw to be his squire. He has one Man at Arms Kitari. He has served in office as GM of Scouts, Scribe, Prime Minister and Regent (pro-tem); He also has been on the Royal Guard a total of three times. Known for his quirky attitude and tendency to be over-enthusiastic, he can be seen on the field any given Saturday having a blast.

Raven is currently inactive.

The Editor would like to note that Raven does have a nickname, most notably “Little Raven” given to them by Itsari. Yes, he is aware there are dozens of people in Amtgard named Raven. He warns the newbies not to use it. AT ALL.

Random facts:

  • loves role playing, A&S and service.
  • Reeve qualified (actually needs to go take another reeve test).
  • dove behind a car to avoid a doomsday spell.
  • has a twin, River Swiftblade. Don't worry, they're really easy to tell apart. Except when Raven cut his hair as short as River's!
  • likes schwag and bartering. Has been known to show up at events with bags of random junk/treasure.
  • might have possibly, through his fervent requests for rain, brought down Hurricane Dolly upon all Amtgarders at Exodus of the Clans 2008.
  • His favorite drink is coconut rum, and he has been known to hoard the bottle of it even if he didn't purchase said bottle.
  • Is taller than Belgarin by one inch (we checked!).

Important Note Raven is a transgender female to male. His preferred pronouns are he/him/his, and he has begun his transition. The editor politely requests that his preferred pronouns be acknowledged and his gender is NOT an issue.

Flurby Bio

Raven is a High Elf, born from the union of a necromancer (his mother) and a werewolf (his father). After wandering for a time, he found passage on board a ship and took it. A mysterious fog took the ship by surprise, and after a strange voyage, with Raven being the only survivor, found port in the capital city of Dragonspine. After settling for a time with Sir Randall as his master, he was brought into the service of Sir Ironpaw, eventually adopted as his daughter (at the time) and taking on his last name. This was of course after the fact he discovered he had a half-brother in the Celestial Kingdom, Itsari. He further expanded his family when he adopted Whistler and Kitari. Whilst visiting in Pegasus Valley, his lycanthropy inherited from his father reared its ugly head, and it wasn't until he was bitten by Cassandrah did he gain control over it.

Raven has the ability to transform into a small black wolf, mostly at will but sometimes by accident, or in a case of rage. He has been possessed by a demon, captured by gypsies and infected by a shade (but see, that was kinda Whistler's fault, he opened this book and... never mind), causing his left arm to not be as strong as it once was.

Raven, in the midst of his mission in the North, was attacked by a sorcerer and turned into a man. He still retains his titles and holdings, but now lives as a man, and is the youngest adopted son of Ironpaw. He remains at home and helps his father with many matters.

Note: Yes, Raven used to be female. Yes, Raven used to wear dresses. Now he is infinitely pleased that he doesn't have to do that, and that his laundry takes less time (as do his baths).

Affiliated Groups

Raven at one time was pledged to the Wardancers and the Sterling Dogs and had his own household.

Belted Family

Former MaA to Randall, it was a mutual decision that the belt be dropped.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Guild Master of Scouts August 2006-October 2007
  • Kingdom Scribe April 2007-October 2007
  • DS BOD Secretary
  • Prime Minister July 2008-January 2009


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Attempting to hold off the scary guys with the polearms at Clan 2012.

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