House of the Laughing Mask

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House of the Laughing Mask



Pillar of the Cup
Pillar of the Leo
Pillar of the Blade
Pillar of the Hammer
Pillar of the Ophidian
Pillar of the Vine

The House of the Laughing Mask, or HOLM, was conceived out of a want to role play in all aspects of Amtgard. Its founders where a group of like minded people hailing from Dragonspine Proper. What came of many brainstorming sessions was 6 Pillars, each representing an aspect of Amtgard as we see it. While members are encouraged to participate in all pillars it is not required. Generally members pick one or two pillars to focus on their strengths. Members of the house are expected to promote role playing in their specialties.

The heraldry of the house is a black half mask inside a black circle on a grey field. The house colors are grey, Black, and Silver. Each member may add their respective Pillar to the house heraldry.


  • The Cup- The Pillar of the Cup is for those members who are service oriented. Call Cup Bearers
  • The Leo- The Pillar of the Leo is concerned with leadership both as monarchy and general park guidance. Called Lion Tamers
  • The Blade- The Pillar of the Blade promotes role play on the field. Called Conscript
  • The Hammer- The Pillar of the Hammer supports the builders and crafters of Amtgard, everything from weapons and armor, to feasts and events. Called Blacksmiths (or sometimes Cooks)
  • The Ophidian- The Pillar of the Ophidian are the artisans of the house, striving for excellence as serpents. Called Snake Charmers
  • The Vine- The Pillar of the Vine is comprised of those members who promote community and general good spirits in their park. Called Vintners


More Information

  • Company Website
  • Contact Natasha for more information.