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'Definition by corpora' CK: A group consisting of 75 players or more.

What is it?

A large Chapter or group of chapters, given special privileges by their Kingdom. The definition varies by each kingdom's Corpora. Not all kingdoms have Principalities, some like Blackspire use the term Grand Duchy instead. Advanced chapter status can only be conferred by a kingdom.

How do you make one?

(From the Iron Mountains Corpora section 1.C. The Creation of a Principality.)
All groups seeking to form a Principality must do so by a majority vote of their provincial Allthing. Likewise groups that seek to join a principality later must also elect to do so by a majority of their provincial allthing. The Duke of the largest province in the principality provides a summary of the sponsored groups listing their locations, numbers, founding date, and the results of their provincial allthings to the Emperor and Imperial Prime Minister. The Emperor and Imperial Prime Minister must agree that that the groups meet the requirements for a principality and are ready for promotion. The Imperial althing approves the principality by a simple majority. Thereafter, the principality does not take effect until after the first principality crown qualifications have been held and the first Prince and Principality Prime minister have been elected. The Imperial Allthing may revoke a Principality’s status by a simple majority. The Imperial Prime Minister is responsible for notifying the officers of a principality as well as the officers of each sponsored province in that principality if such a proposal is made to the Imperial Allthing.

Powers of Principalities

Authority for principalities varies from one kingdom to another. Some allow them to give up to the 8th order in Ladder Awards. Others allow 10th order awards. They are not usually allowed to give titles or Masterhood but this may vary according to their parent Kingdom.

Under Blackspire

  • 9th order awards
  • Fighting class Masterhoods
  • Titles up to and including Baronet

Under Dragonspine

  • 10th order awards
  • Fighting class Masterhoods
  • Titles up to and including Baron/Baroness

Under Iron Mountains

  • 8th order awards
  • Fighting class & Reeves guild Masterhoods
  • Titles up to and including Count/Countess

Borderlands as a "High Principality", under Emerald Hills

  • 10th order awards
  • All Masterhoods
  • Titles up to and including Count & Defender
  • Full details here.

Under Goldenvale

  • 9th order awards
  • Fighting class Masterhoods
  • Titles up and including Lord


Principalities have your basic officer complement. Monarch in the person of a Prince or Princess, a Regent, a Prime Minister sometimes called a Grand Vizier and a Champion.

IM does not always have a Champion in its principalities, but both of its current principalities have them. Westmarch lacked provisions for a Champion in it's corpora until mid 2008.

Listing of Principalities:

Under Burning Lands

Under the Celestial Kingdom

Under the Emerald Hills

Under Iron Mountains

Under Rising Winds

Under Blackspire

Under Dragonspine

Under Neverwinter

Under Tal Dagore