Phoenix Tears (chapter)

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A Barony of the Kingdom of 13 Roads, located in Springfield, IL.
See here if you are looking for the spell Phoenix Tears (Spell)


Kingdom of 13 Roads




Pheonix Tears was founded in 2004 under Rising Winds where it was appreciated for consistently helping to feed the mouths of hungry fighters during events. At an althing decision, the park decided to break from the Rising Winds and help create the Principality of Western Gate. They eventually became a founding group of the Kingdom of Tal Dagore and then again with 13 Roads.

We've played a mix of games over the years, and the styles have varied depending on the officers and the style preferred by the current populace. We have run numerous quests through the years, which have created a series of "landmarks" within the park.


Notable People


Phoenix Tears meet Sundays at 1:30 pm at Lincoln Park right next to the State Fairgrounds (exit 100 /Sangamon Ave, drive till you practically run into the park) off of I-55 in Springfield, IL.

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