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Baron Sir Kindyr, of Phoenix Tears, Tal Dagore in Springfield, Illinois.

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Kindyr began playing Amtgard in April of 2004, at his still current park of Phoenix Tears.

Shortly after joining, the park petitioned to join the Rising Winds, so much of his early years were under the RW banner. When Tal Dagore(part 2) made its push towards Kingdom status, Phoenix Tears joined with the other parks, and once it was successful, the park became proud members under the great axe throne.

Over the years Kindyr has held most of the park offices at the various levels from Shire through its growth to a duchy and back to a shire when membership dwindled.

Kindyr has also been active at kingdom level serving behind the scenes and is rumoured to have almost everything in his truck at any given time. In reality, he is very adept at identifying potential needs and packing accordingly.

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Notable Accomplishments

Herr Kindyr was knighted in the Order of the Flame on Saturday, September 18th 2016 at Keep on the Borderlands.

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