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Lord Tigger deCat, of Silverwater, Neverwinter, currently of Centerpoint



One of the founding members of Silverwater, back in 1992. Has bounced around all parts of the nation, occasionally surfacing in an amtgard group here or there. Often plays Goblin.

Member of the Conclave of Evil, Bishop of the Holy Order of Duct Tape (HODT).

Has since resurfaced in Centerpoint in Kansas City

Is a strong supporter of 'Magic Scarf' furry sword covers, no matter how much cumulative time he spends trying to keep them together. The Fuzzy weapon covers have died but their legend lives on.

Dubbed "of the eye-bleeding pants." by Diermuid

Translated V6 rule book in to Braille and offered the Reeves test in Braille.

Notable Accomplishments

Long ago created a Spider award for "Best Amtgard Website", which he bestowed upon Snicker Furfoot's Amtgard Atlas.

Awarded Walker of the Middle for his work as a reeve in the 1990s.

Brought the reality of how short 20' REALLY is to Centerpoint

Sheriff of Centerpoint November 2008 - April 2009

Along with Dreadd Jester Jester started a weekly winter food and drink arts competition.

Holder of the Rivermoor Dragon Master cloak 2010

Rivermoor Dragon Master 2st, 3rd and tied for 4th place (3 entries) - July 2010

Sheriff of Centerpoint December 2010 - June 2011

Lord - Given by Striker Sheriff of Centerpoint June 25, 2011

Master Barbarian - Given by Valorimar, Prince of Rivermoor, June 21, 2014

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