Angry Sky

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Angry Sky

”Even standing Alone, Stand for what is Right!”


Biography of Group

Angry Sky is a fighting Company based around self-improvement and unit Strength.

All members are required to set realistic goals to improve themselves and to

treat all players of Amtgard with honor and respect.

Affiliated Groups


Quorpeck Kinderd Chieftain

Aeris Lockheart Kinderd Council Head of The Serpent

Viadra Moonblade Council Head of The Flame

Faitzhand Council Head of The Crown

Batdorf Council Co-Head of the Sword

Zane Council Co-Head of The Sword

Owen Glendwagon Treasurer

Ablach Member

Tibbers The First Member

Creslyn Member

Baca Member

Faust Member

Lucina Member

Zahn Memeber (inactive)

Burning Tiger Member (inactive)

Notable Accomplishments

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