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From the V8 Rulebook

Players have five locations which may be Wounded: Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg, and Torso.

Arm: From just below the outside point of the shoulder to the tips of the fingers.
A hand is not Wounded if struck below the wrist while holding a melee weapon, shield, or bow. Treat hits below the wrist to a hand holding a melee weapon, shield, or bow as though they had hit the weapon, shield, or bow held instead.
Leg: From just below the end of the buttocks in the back, the hip socket in the front, and an imaginary line between them on the sides down to and including the foot.
A foot on the ground is not Wounded if struck below the ankle.
Torso: Everything that isn’t an arm or leg, including the groin, shoulders, and collar bones up to the vertical rise of the neck.


  1. Players may not be struck in the neck or head. Will not count as a hit and is invalid.
  2. Players may not block shots with their neck or head. Intentional head blocking can result in being called dead by a reeve.
  3. A Wounded arm may not wield Equipment, cast magic, carry anything, and must be kept out of combat. A Wounded Arm is capable of receiving an additional Wound.
  4. A Wounded leg must have the knee in contact with the ground. The knee of the Wounded leg may be lifted from the ground briefly to enable movement so long as the unwounded leg has a knee on the ground. If the player cannot or chooses not to place their dead knee in contact with the ground, the player must immediately notify their opponent(s) of this by stating “posting” in order to avoid dropping to their knees. While posting, the player may not voluntarily move the foot of the wounded leg, although it may be used to pivot. Posting continues until the player dies, has their leg wound healed, or is instructed otherwise by a Reeve.
  5. Players with a Wounded leg who are affected by abilities which force movement may choose to ignore the requirement for dead legs to have the knee on the ground (or, if "posting," to not voluntarily move the foot of the wounded leg) for the purposes of completing the required movement. While moving in this manner, the Wounded player may not attack, cast magic, or activate abilities, but may defend themselves. Has no effect on abilities already activated, magic already cast, Chants already in progress, or enchantments activating such as Phoenix Tears. Once the player has completed the required movement, they must re-place their knee in contact with the ground, or redeclare "posting" if unable todo so.
  6. A Wounded Leg is capable of receiving an additional Wound (even if “posting”), except when the knee is on the ground or during the initial placement of the knee on the ground after receiving a Wound.

Combat Contact

A broad range of contact is allowed in combat. The rules below outline what is and is not acceptable. No action is acceptable if it is performed in an unsafe manner. The responsibility for the results of an action always rests squarely on the the actor. Unsafe behavior on the field can result in suspension from play at the discretion of the Champion, Monarch, or Guildmaster of Reeves.


The following actions are acceptable.

  1. Weapon to Weapon contact is allowed.
  2. Weapon to body contact is allowed on valid Hit Locations using Strike-Legal portions.
  3. Body to Weapon contact: Weapons may be pushed, swept, and otherwise manipulated with your body so long as the Weapon is not trapped or grabbed. Pushing or sweeping a Strike-Legal surface results in a valid hit to the location used for contact.
  4. Weapon to Shield contact is allowed.
  5. Shield to Weapon contact: Shields may be used to deflect, move or pin an opponents Weapon
  6. Shield to Shield contact: Shields may be used to deflect, turn, or pin an opponents Shield so long as the wielder of the struck Shield is not moved. Bashing a shield is prohibited.


The following actions are unacceptable. Some amount of incidental contact is expected in a contact sport but repeated or egregious offenses will result in suspension.

  1. Body to body contact is prohibited.
  2. Body to Shield contact is prohibited.
  3. Active Shield to body contact is prohibited; passively using a Shield to prevent an opponent’s forward movement is acceptable and does not count as body to Shield contact on the part of the recipient.
  4. Active Weapon to body contact using portions of a Weapon other than Strike-Legal is prohibited; passively planting the shaft of a Great Weapon to block an incoming opponent is acceptable.
  5. Forcing a player’s Weapons against them with your body or Shield is prohibited.