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Squire Maxam

Maxam's Heraldry
Maxam fighting Ed the Dread

Maxam at Spring War, 2008


Maxam is of the Stick Jock set. He was squired to Sir Luke Wyngarde at some Wetlands coronation, or midreign. Maxam is the key holders of the all mighty spatula.

Some Fairly Well-Known Facts

  • Maxam no longer plays Amtgard, having switched to Dagorhir in favor of it's more aggressive combat and lack of magic and classes.
  • Maxam looks like Dr. Venture when his head is shaved.
  • His favorite beer is Firemans Four... "give me heaps"
  • Is found on the ditch.
  • Is not, nor has he ever been, a unicorn.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Sir Luke Wyngarde (Flame 2000)

Notable Accomplishments

Baron and Champion of Mushroom Shrine a few times. Some claim max to be the sole responsible party for the death of same.

Additional Images

More Information

For more information try talking to Maxam not reading his Amtwiki.

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