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"Do not touch my ball. Do not take my ball....You know what? Forget that I even have a ball! -- Taver Firestrike


Kitsune are foxes. This is not to say they are mystical beings who have a fox form; they are all the foxes in the land. Kitsune are mischievous, and delight in causing trouble, but when pressed they stop their tricks or run. They are not combative, fighting only when cornered, and then only as long as it takes to get a chance to escape. While they have the ability to conjure fire and lightning, it’s more a plaything than a weapon. Sprouting new tails marks the status of a Kitsune in their path towards enlightenment. At first level, the Kitsune is distinguished from normal foxes by sprouting a second tail. They gain an additional tail at each level. Having Masterhood in Monster is worth another tail, as is any knighthood. Nine-tailed Kitsune are no longer red, but instead silver, gold, black or white. There is a ten-tailed Kitsune, but she is the mother of all Kitsune, a unique creature known simply as The Lady.

Fox-folk of a rather mystical nature. Tricksters, prone to laughter as much as insult. Certainly not too proud to turn and run. But also rarely wise enough to forgo a parting shot.
Dor Un Avathar X

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Fox ears.
  • At least 2 tails.
  • Suggested: Carry a small white ball.
Requirements None
Monster Type Fey
Level 5
Power Rating 2
Armor 1 (Natural)
Shields None
Weapons Daggers (Natural) OR single short



  • None

Special Notes

Kitsunes In Amtgard