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Baronet Squire Talaisan tsa Tetha Sarn, of Skystone Desert Winds

”Per Moss, is now to be pronounced 'Beetle'. Make it so.” -Talisin

"Rules Lawyering Dick of a P.M." - Talaisan

Seen here with her son The Chunk-a-Monk


Joined Amtgard in August of '08. Co-founded Skystone with Loup, Kyra, Tanis, Vladimir, and Jurgen at the same time. And found her first officer's position as Regent , also the same day. Organized Skystone's first Coronation, and practically wept with joy when Loup fired her at the end of the event.

Since that time she has been a perennial poster on E-Sam, and one of her parks primary organizers. She is responsible for the construction or acquisition of much of the garb worn in Skystone today, as well as a fair portion of the weaponry.

She may not always hold office, but her fingers are always in the pie.


What's that? Where did I come from? That's a tricky question, in some ways. I can't call it so simple as a town or a land. You've never heard of them, at any rate, so what good would it do you to hear their names? If you insist, then, I'll keep to the line of the tale. I am from the city of Kian-Ting, in the northern prefecture of the Empire of Stars. Did I not tell you, that you would not recognize the names? No, there are not lands on this earth that you have somehow missed. It is not a hidden empire, secret from all but a few. It is a world apart, and I know not how I came to leave it. The snows were fierce that night, and I stumbled on in the white until I found the dim fires of a forgotten hamlet, abandoned.

Back further? Very well. I am a Fox, you know? In my homeland, we're not so rare as here, so it wasn't all that special to be born one. I grew up, or at least older, and eventually gained my maturity. I never needed to learn fighting, or even magics. My father was a scribe! How could I have known?

The blizzard? My greatest error. Some fool story about a maiden of ice that seeks her lover in the deepest heart of the snows. I had to see if it was true. By time I'd found my way into the place that would be Skystone, the snows had leeched the color from my fur. The Winter Fox. Tsa Tetha Sarn.

And now? I'm a smith of sorts, though business has slowed somewhat. Out on the frontiers, there are so many, many reasons to take up the blade. I'm not alone out here, mind you. There is a whole cast of misfits with me. Hm. But no other Foxes, yet. That will change, I'm sure.

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Squire to Arch Duchess Dame Roisin

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