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There are a number of Monster types, each with special qualities, including certain Immunities, Vulnerabilities, and other special rules. Monsters may have several types, and the effects are cumulative unless indicated otherwise in the specific Monster entry.

Animation: An animation is a monster that is generally composed or constructed of otherwise nonliving materials and given some semblance of life through mystical means or other process.
Immunity (Command, Death, Subdual)
Altered effect (Dispel Magic:Lost)
Altered Effect (Anti Magic: Lost)
Aversion (Anti-Magic Zone)
Beast: Non-humanoid creatures, most often animals with more than two legs.
Weapons considered Natural
Botanical: These Monsters are composed of plant or fungal material
Immunity (Command, Death, Subdual)
Extra-Planar: These Monsters hail from another dimension or plane of existence and include elementals, demons, and angels.
Immunity (Death)
Altered Effect (Banish: Lost)
Vulnerability: May be targeted by Banish as if they were Insubstantial.
Fey: These are the fairy folk of legend and myth.
Immunity (Command)
Humanoid: Monsters in this category generally have two arms, two legs, and walk upright.
Note: Although not considered monsters, players of any standard class are considered Humanoid for the purpose of game effects.
Legendary: These are the most powerful creatures of myth.
All abilities are (Ex) Note: Spells gained via Magic Caster are still magical in nature.
Gain Power Word Unlimited
Multi-Player: These Monsters are played by multiple players.
They have a number of special rules, as detailed in the Monster’s description.
Undead: These are the walking dead and the restless spirits of those past.
Immunity (Command, Death)

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