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Squire Santiago of Granite Spyre, Wetlands



Santiago joined in summer of 2009. He was the first newbie of the resurrection Granite Spyre. He fell in love with Amtgard when it was just Juju teaching him how to swing a stick, and Thalen answering a plethora of questions.

Santiago is not his original Amtgard name, but it stuck.

Santiago is on this quest to learn more about the theories of Whackonomics.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Line

Notable Accomplishments

  • Voted as Wetlands Most Improved Player of 2011 in a Facebook Poll

Additional Images

541481_726611007352632_2045905478_n_zpsxifb7nqc.jpg Olympiad 2013 MostImproved-1.jpg 14409611_10153796924596776_9154485757224179652_o_zpsaowoo6g0.jpg YoungSanti.jpg

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