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"Whose heart-strings are a lute"


The Crownscendos are a guild dedicated to the improvement of bardic performances and the excellence of its members. The idea behind it is to promote the growth of those belonging to the guild through meaningful feedback and constructive criticism. The household was founded by Teppossette, who came up with the idea and name, and Pumyra, who really wanted to have "crown" in there as a tribute to the Duchy of the Iron Mountains. The group is Denver, Colorado-based and intends to meet on a monthly basis.



The Crownscendos are actively recruiting! Please contact Teppossette and Pumyra at [email protected] if you are interested in joining the household!

  • Members do not have to sing or perform anything, they simply must want to improve on their performances or learn how to perform
  • Members must be bardic performers, willing to contribute helpful feedback and criticism to the group for all members
  • Members must be able and willing to accept helpful feedback and criticism and strive to improve their bardic performances
  • Members must attempt to attend household meetings to practice bardic performances