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Man-At-Arms Screw, of the Shire of Sky Harbor of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds

”We should name it the shire of Swagger Hold.” - during the Taco Pre-Althing of January 2015


Started playing Amtgard at Madoc's Keep and would visit Sky Harbor across the river often. Joined the Temple of the Vanguard in 2012, and fought with them at the Bridgewars 2012, when they received 4th place. (Actual 3rd). The event was also known as "Chairwars" due to an abuse in the point system that placed the Saracens in first place.

Screw prefers to focus on the fighting aspect of Amtgard, and was belted under [Squire]] Bino as his Man-At-Arms. In January of 2015, Screw joined the barbarians of Sky Harbor in overthrowing the current officers due to absenteeism.

At Kingdom events, Screw can be spotted with his puppy Maximus, and his red Jeep. And is often well into his cups by the afternoon.

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Brennon Viridian (Sword)

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