The Goblin Army

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The Goblin Army


"Bring better Amtgard in every way."


The Goblin Army’s history is literally a joke. The idea of starting The Goblin Army was that of a thirteen year old boy in 2005. It was finally created by three fifteen year olds in 2007. They created The Goblin Army mainly to avoid the politics of Amtgard, to have fun, and to be able to say that they are in a household. However, in contrast with our original purpose, we plan to take our house to the next level and expand in numbers and slowly make our way into the world and get a lot more serious, because we've been sneaking around in the dark for a bit too long.

2010, Goblins have still remained a joke, being fed up and tired of being apart of organizations that don't get taken that seriously Kota took over the houssehold and is attempting to turn it into a service company with the goal of trying to improve the game in a way that is fun for most.



Notable Accomplishments

Recieved the order of the Flame from emperor Dougie in january 2012