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Where and when players return to life. This can be after a period of time, instantly, in groups of a minimum size, at base, where they died, in a central location or something else. Players who Respawn do so with all of their carried or worn equipment intact, Wounds healed, Enchantments removed, and all States and Ongoing Effects removed unless otherwise noted. When designing a game keep in mind that dying should generally be the worst thing that can happen on the field. For instance when designing a Full-Class game your Respawn counts should not be shorter than the longest negative field effect (60 seconds because of Magic Balls). Alternatively dying can be penalized by having a finite life pool for the team as a whole.

Unless otherwise noted in the battlegame description a Dead player may choose to return to his respawn point or remain where he died but may not otherwise move about.

Dead players that move after dying may only return to play via respawn unless otherwise noted.

Players who voluntarily take a Death may not return to play except by respawning.