Battle of the Dens

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Battle of the Dens is the Duchy of Wolvenfang's largest event. It is also Canada's largest Amtgard event, and longest running.

Running for over fifteen years on a privately owned site, members of Wolvenfang and other northern groups have been putting in work for years, building bases and trails in the extensive woodlands available, as well as clearing a growing tenting area. The site also features a small field for ditching and battlegaming, though it barely fit BotD XIV's company battle.

The main feature of the event is the large-scale capture the flag game which runs every year; generally a six-hour battlegame, it has run up to twelve hours before (at BotD XIII, 2009) and has run at different times of the day as well.

The weekend generally also includes a quest, various battlegames, plentiful ditching, and tourneys of different types depending on the year. (Previous years have included everything from standard style tourneys to simply a single open bracket, spell-casting tourneys, archery tourneys, and so forth.)

Attendance has varied with year as well; at a recent Battle of the Dens, roughly 170 people attended, with well over 100 players participating in the capture the flag game the past few years.

Yearly information can be found on Wolvenfang's BotD forums.


At this point, many recent pictures can be found on sites such as Facebook, though an effort is being made to restore the Wolvenfang galleries and update them with the past few years.