Ursus MacGrioghar

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Baronet Sir Ursus MacGrioghar 'The Creator', of Twilight Peak GV.

”Some people dream; others work hard to make sure those people can keep doing so.”



Began playing in late October 2005, after a very brief foray in June of that year. Spent 8 years prior playing a game using the Amtgard Rules of Play (6.0) in a friend's backyard without sanction or knowledge of quite how big the game is.

Went on to become Sheriff of Twilight Peak in March 2006, for two terms, and served as Regent in that Shire. Was Sheriff for the last Shire term of Twilight Peak, helping to bring the group to Barony; was then re-elected to be the first Baron of Twilight Peak in the summer term of 2009.


Affiliated Groups

Ebon Order (Archon)
Society of the Squid(Zantul Lineage (Zantul))
Waywatchers (Sentinel, Oak)

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

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Left to Right: Ceridwyn/Eris, Bowen, Bear, Keladry

'What do you mean there are no more bacon sammiches??'

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