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Baronet Malachai, of Gehenna Plains, Rivermoor


"The beatings will continue until morale improves."

"Get away from me you cherry flavored bastard!" [1]


Malachai was first dragged out to Amtgard in late 2004 by his friend Raku. At first was not a big fan of the combat, but within a few months the thrill of beating people with sticks was too enjoyable to stop.

Before long, the local fighting company The Harriers of Urd became interested and recruited Malachai into their fold. A lack of direction and purpose within the fighting company after the departure of Li Ping left Malachai looking for another banner to fight under. At Summer Trials in 2006 he saw that banner, the red and blue of the Free Companies.

Petitioning after the ceremonies, Malachai became the first member of Gehenna Plains to petition the Free Companies A promising showing at Autumn Trials in Querna Tema in 2006 was enough to grant him his grey tabard as a Free Bow.

The following year at Summer Trials, Malachai was voted into the Free Companies as an Oathbrother.

With travel becoming more difficult, Malachai set himself to aiding his home park and assisted in building the Shire of Gehenna Plains up to the status of Barony.

Malachai was granted the title of Lord by Sheriff Slarty in the fall of 2008, and the title of Baronet in June of 2010 by the Baron Selrahc.

Malachai is currently one of two members of Gehenna Plains that has held every office within the park at one time or another.

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