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Taraka Jamadhar, of Gehenna Plains, Rivermoor



Taraka is one of the two original founding members of the group that became The Plains of Gehenna prior to merging with a second group composed of students of Morningside College. He was the first prime minister, responsible for setting up the ORK account, and the paperwork for Gehenna Plains membership in the first principality formed in the midwest which later evolved into the Principality of Rivermoor.

Taraka chose an indian persona after observing that the predominate non-western characters were almost exclusively japanese, and he felt India's contribution to the world was being largely ignored.

His surname is a synonym for a weapon commonly known as a katar, or punch dagger, translating loosely to "Death's tooth".

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In September of 2006 Taraka was struck in the eye by a long sword bursting blood vessels in the iris. This injury is called a hyphema, and is potentially dangerous requiring that he be on bed rest for nearly a month to prevent movement from dislodging a clot.

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