Elizabeth Mercades

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Grand Duchess Sir Elizabeth Mercades, of Goldenvale

”Why do you all feel the need to measure your dicks in public? ”

"Dude! You can't keep me in suspense like this! I'm old!" -Conversation with Jynx and Liz about Dagorhir

Seen her receiving her Team Drakknar MVP T-shirt from the man himself at Great Eastern 2008.


Sir Liz is the first woman in the entire game of Amtgard to have held every kingdom level position. She found her twin in Shogun Jynx Mercades.

Affiliated Groups

House Mercades

A member of Umbra Victus.

A member of House Blackband.

Virgin Mother of the WILL of the High Cross - The Church of the High Cross

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments




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