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Dame Cordelia of House Vosseler, of Haranshire

"Smile and Nod"


(Seen here with Queen Elizabeth)

Cordelia came to know Amtgard when her daughter Fionna became involved in the game while living in Nashua, NH. As most parents would do, Cordelia wanted to see what her daughter was getting involved in, and dropped in at Goldenvale's home park one Saturday afternoon to see what was about. When arriving at the field, there was no one around, and as it was a warm summer's day, Cordelia decided to take shade under a tall pine tree at the edge of the field. Next thing she knew, oddly-garbed people started to come out of the woods with what looked like swords made of foam and duct tape held over their heads, and asking the question, "What are you doing here? You're in Nirvana, you know..." Thus started Cordelia's time in Amtgard.

Joined shortly thereafter by her husband Telchar, Cordelia took an interest in the game, and when her family relocated to Marcellus, NY, she was instrumental in the founding and early operation of the Shire of Haranshire, starting what is still her forte in Amtgard; a continued excellence in garbing. Squired in 2000 by Dame Mortiana of Griffons Peak, she attained her Master Garber from King Sanchez in 2001, and was subsequently belted as a Knight of the Serpent by King Sir Amren the Tall in 2002. Cordelia continued to ply her craft in Haranshire, not only in the creation of fine garb, but in the passing along of her knowledge and skill to others who wish to learn.

Passed away March 20, 2022.

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