Granite Spyre

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Amtgard Chapter
Granite Spyre
Kingdom Wetlands.gif The Kingdom of The Wetlands
Status Barony
City Houston, Texas
Park Ray Miller Park
Meets on Sundays 12:30pm
Founded 1993
Active Active


The Barony of Granite Spyre has been in existence since 1993. Contract received by the BL on May 6th 1995.

Originally founded at Hermann Park in Houston, Texas by Sir Nomad Fishslayer, Sir Vaargard Malorius, and Sir Q (at the time known as Lothar). They were quickly joined by Dr. Rolin S. Phlogiston, Esq. and Valeran Holt, among others. These original five are generally considered the founding members of the group.

At this time in Amtgard's history, Houston was in a region unaffiliated to any kingdom. As Sir Nomad had played under the Golden Plains (Irongate) while at Texas Tech, the group agreed to petition the Golden Plains for membership as a barony. This request was granted in 1995.

Granite Spyre, along with Mordengaard (College Station, TX) and Stormwall (Galveston, TX), and in one instance at least, Spidervale; hosted several impressive events (called "Triple Midreign") well attended by the Amtgard populace. The success of these events, along with the continual work of the populace of Granite Spyre, played a key role in legitimizing the effort of unity and kingdomhood for Southeast Texan groups that eventually assembled as the Wetlands.

Granite Spyre continues to preserve this tradition of excellence. After a years-long dip in pupulation, and much hard work, Granite Spyre was upgraded to Duchy status at the Mid Reign Revel of King TERMUS, in February of 2014.


Officers for Reign 57


Houston, TX

Aariman Aramoro Ari Page Belon Ebonheart Lord Daffy Yoshido
Sir Daxon Goldmoon Arch Duke Sir Feral Lynn Thane Harold Thundervoice
Duke Squire Juju Hex Mojo Kentigern Countess Dame Miss Kittah Rahbet Grand Duke Sir Slyddur K. Rahbet
Maximus Dominus Squire Gath Augustine Man-at-Arms Mistery
Primfae Ebonheart Sir Reynen D'var Man at Arms Santiago Tannon Elkantar Crescentmoon
Lord Wargauth Bluetarp Squire Wynndal Sir Shadow Mufhstoughir Lord Squire Sinew End'Oh Sir Tavi Threetoes
Arch Duke Sir Thalen Tannon ThunderStryke Lady Voodoo Hocus Mojo Friday Smashtag Captain Jack Blackness

Associated Institutions

Granite Spyre University

The Granite Spyre Navy

Contacts and Directions

We meet every Sunday at 12:30pm (Amtgard standard time) at Ray Miller Park: 1800 Eldridge Pkwy Houston, TX 77077: The park is located on Eldridge Pkwy, between Briar Forest and Brookbuff Ln, North of Westheimer and South of IH10. We either play near the large gazebo up front or the smaller gazebo on the right side of the park.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="29.7512526" lon="-95.6253294" type="map" zoom="8">

29.7512526, -95.6253294   



Granite Spyre has a mailing list! Go to [1] for information on how to subscribe, or send an email to [email protected]. We welcome roleplay and are working on new quests every week!


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