Dovahn, Wielder of the Titan Hammer

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Man at Arms Dovahn, Wielder of the Titan Hammer, of Bloodtide Coast, Celestial Kingdom

”Dovahn Smash!”

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Dovahn, Wielder of the Titan Hammer, was the unofficial forge master of the War Dragons and Bloodwyrm Haven for several years. He created many generations of weapons and has refined his own unique take on flatblade tech.. As a Barbarian, he forged and wields the Titanhammer, the bigger, more epic, but non-relic answer to Michael's hammer. As an archer, he used pvc bows that he made himself, but has more recently upgraded to the Crimson Fang, a lovely red and white olympic recurve. He has numerous wild and crazy stories involving alcohol and Spring Wars, some where he was wearing pants, and some where he wasn't... A powerful fighter and a lover of flurb and epic weaponry, if you want to learn flatblade weaponsmithing tech, look no further. Ask nicely and you *may* get a few tips.

Affiliated Groups

War Dragons

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

6th level Barbarian 6th level Archer

Once shot someone in the chest with an arrow, dashed forward to catch the arrow as it bounced backwards, and turned and shot another person with the same arrow.

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