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Page Demetrius, of Stormhaven

"I'm not gay, but my persona is!"
"Why does this exist?!" after eating an insanely hot wing in Sacred Wind Video

Seen here jugging at PacWar XIII.

Persona Autobiography

I was born 22 years after they crucified the one the Jews called the Christ. Growing up in Rome during the reign of Tiberius was alright at first, but when I was 4 he left control of the city up to the Praetorian Guard who were savage, merciless and cruel. After they killed my father when I was 13 I vowed to avenge his death one day. After Tiberius died when I was 15 I enlisted in the Legion in order to get the training I would need to come back and have my vengeance. I was assigned to Caligula's Legio XXII Primigenia and sent to Xanta of Germania Inferior. We didn't understand why we were there, but our orders were to build a base east of Vetera, fortify the surrounding towns, which we did. Just when it seemed like we were about to finally meet battle, Caligula ordered us to gather seashells and build a light house. Realizing that we were being commanded by a madman who would more than likely get me killed before I could avenge my father, I left the Legion in search of the training and experience I would need if I were to avenge my father's death. I travel now in search of a fight I can learn and grow from.


Demetrius came to the field for the first time in 2007 as an original member of Hellig Brann. After attending his first Thousand Stars, he disappeared.
In 2008 he resurfaced in South Carolina in the Kingdom of Neverwinter and began teaching friends about the game, eventually starting a Freehold. With no local support and due to his limited experience the land died after a few months.
After relocating back to Blackspire he decided to transfer to Stormhaven in 2009, as lack of transportation kept him from returning to Hellig Bran.
The next year he was given a Page belt from Sir Garth and began learning about the Arts & Sciences side of Amtgard.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

Smith Order - 1st - Awarded by Sir Garth, 2011
Owl Order - 1st - Awarded by Lady Essewyn, 2007
A Founding Father of Hellig Brann

Additional Images

Jugging at PacWar XIII against Templars.
PacWar XIII Main Battle - Good Vs Evil