Midnight's Frolic

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A Defunct Freehold chapter,once located in Columbia, South Carolina




Midnight's Frolic was formed early 2012 when Myriden and Scribble's mundane lives found their way to Columbia, SC where they discovered that there was not an amtgard park within the entire state. Rather than abandoning all hope of playing again, they practiced at local parks while their children played. After a small interest was formed, both Myriden and Scribble sought to make an official chapter of amtgard. On May 1st, 2012, Midnight's Frolic was approved.



~ Persona name (Real Name) ~

Sheriff: Myriden DaLuca (Marvin McGee)

Chancellor: Scribble (Chenoa McGee)

Regent: None as of yet

Champion: n/a

Guildmaster of Reeves: None as of yet

Contacts and Directions

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="34.0066671" lon="-81.0413076" type="map" zoom="14" width="700" height="450" scale="yes" overview="yes" controls="large">34.0066671, -81.0413076, Finlay Park Columbia, SC</googlemap>

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