Harrowing Citadel

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A freehold located in Mishawaka, Indiana.




The Harrowing Citadel was founded Friday, June 13th of 2008, by Wrank Stankly, when several members of Thundering Rivers realized that their park had gotten beyond the point of fixing. In the years since its founding the other two chapters which formed following the removal of Thundering Rivers from the Rising Winds have folded and remaining active members seem to have found their way to the citadel. In November 2015 the chapter was removed from the Rising Winds due to lack of attendance.


  • As of April 2013


Barron: Khaine
Prime Minister: Ultar Karga
Regent: Edward Blood
Champion: Kage

Directions, Contacts

The Harrowing Citadel meets 1pm Sundays at Twinbranch Park in Mishawaka, Indiana.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="41.664617" lon="-86.117236" type="map" zoom="16"></googlemap>