Brutes Bay

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Brutes Bay

A chapter in the Kindgom of Goldenvale, located in Boston, MA




Founded in April, 2019 by Captain Jack the Black, Mariner Eldritch Moontide, and Bill the Archer, Brute's Bay is Boston's local Amtgard park.



Contacts and Directions

We meet near the South Boston Sports Collective in Joe Moakley Park from 12 to 3 on Sundays and sometimes go out for food or drinks afterward depending on the exhaustion level. The park is huge so we roam a bit look for garb and foam.

By T take the redline to JFK stop and cross over to Joe Moakly park and walk a few blocks to the sports center. Nice neighborhood, very close to JFK library. For drivers there is plenty of parking you just might have to walk around the park a bit.

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