Blightstone Hallow

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Blightstone Hallow.jpg
Blightstone Hallow
The Kingdom of Goldenvale
Status Shire
City Hilton, New York
Park Quest Elementary School
Meets on Sundays at 12pm
Founded 2010
Active Defunct


Blightstone Hallow was formed in 2010 by a splendid group of folk. It is a was growing park, and they hoped to continue to grow over time. After a bit of downtime, in February 2012 the group has restarted with some very driven players.

Was welcomed into the Kingdom of Goldenvale as a sponsored park in September of 2012.

Merged with Caradoc Hold to form Syrindale in 2017.

Last Known Officers


Some of the folk of Blightstone are...

Page Andreana Tate Aurora Frost Balbanes
Biggs CC Darius Dencri
Fendolf Jet Darklore Muodoka Oss'm Ironfist
Rianne Roman Tripp Tyr Blackwood


Blightstone Hallow met at Quest Elementary School on Saturdays at 12pm.

Directions: Turn into the entrance to Quest Elementary school parking lot and keep right around to the back corner of the lot. There is an access road back there that leads to the Lodge and the field where we play. Look for the weirdos in funny clothes. :)
Google maps.png-Quest Elementary School

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