Auwyne Aboowhogod

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Grand Duke Sir Auwyne Aboowhogod, of Falling Fire, Defender of Neverwinter.

In a harsh whisper: ”You! Hold this fork, and if I say somthing stupid, STAB me.”



Name is prounced "Gold-win", as in Au = Gold.

Auwyne is originally from the Iron Mountains, co-founded the Land of Falling Fire with Sir Icefyre in 1995. Auwyne has been knighted three times, in the order of the Flame, Crown, and Sword; Was the first and only Sword Knight of Neverwinter from 2006 until 2010.

Affiliated Groups

Founding member of the Triads company. Before starting the Triads, formerly of the Rogues company.

Belted Family

I. Sir Nocturne - Crown

II. Sir Gilan - Sword

III. Sir Markosias - Sword

IV. Man at Arms Rafeal of Falling Fire

V. Sir Luna

VI. Page Bambi

Notable Accomplishments

One of the key figures in Neverwinter history, and one of the principals involved in its formation as a kingdom. Headed the original committee which wrote the Neverwinter corpora.




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This Picture taken by Ladyhawk at Olympiad in the Wetlands at the CK Site.

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