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Sir Markosias of Madoc's Keep, Rising Winds

Does this man's feet ever touch the ground?

As vain as the day is long.



Warlord Sir Markosias of Madoc's Keep burst on the scene 2001, at the tender age of 30. He rapidly gained notoriety for his uncommon speed and athleticism, as well as his penchant for flashiness. He was known locally as the "angry solid gold dancer." He is a lefty.

Though based primarily in the Rising Winds, Markosias has travelled extensively and gained combat laurels in several other regions. He recieved his 6th Order of the Warrior for Field Prowess at SKBC 2 in 2004, given by King Martello Entropy of the Emerald Hills. In 2010 he recieved his 10th Order of the Warrior in Never Winter, given by King Avin D'Averec of Falling Fire. The Rising Winds bestowed his Warlord Title soon thereafter. That year he held joint honors as WarMaster of the Rising Winds and WeaponMaster of Never Winter. In 2015, at age 44, he became the oldest Amtgarder ever to become a Knight of the Sword.

Aside from his combat prowess, Markosias is well known through out the game for his cordial attitude, and good natured smack talk. He is the consumate Nice Guy Warlord.

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