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This page is a collection of information about how acquire supplies for various areas of Amtgard, including weapon making, armoring, garbing, and various other disciplines.

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Weapons Supplies

This is a semicomplete list of weapons materials:

Weapon Supplies List By Metro Footlong (Zach Stevens)

  • Best material



  • Carbon fiber/graphite golf shaft

- Can be bought at certain Goodwill stores by the sports equipment Price: around $2

PVC (3/4in. Diameter): Lowes, Home Depot, Ace - In the plumbing isle Price will vary

Kitespar (follow link):


Materials listed above

Fiberglass rods: Home Depot (orange rods), Lowes (orange rods): - Found by the mailbox numbers, near the mailboxes. Tractor Supplies (grey rods): - Found by the horse fencing

Bamboo: Walmart (sometimes): - In the outside gardening center Michaels: - Right in front of the enterence, near floral arrangements Old Time Pottery: -In the far front right corner of the store, in the floral arrangement area

Javlins and polesarms:

  • Bamboo(3/4-1in. Outer diameter): as listed above

Bandshoppe pole (follow link):


  • Sticky back craft foam (must have!!!!!):

Walmart (package of 50 4x6in. sheets): - found in craft section with all the other foam products.

Mega Noodle (instock seasonal): Walmart, Lowes, and Dollar General

Frostking Pipe Insulation (follow link):

Camp pad (blue): Academy and Dick's Sporting Goods (Used to be sold at Walmart)


  • Lightest duty, clear, duck brand packing tape (1.88" thickness?):

Walmart: - In the packing supplies area Pack of 4 for $6.98

  • Strapping Tape:

Walmart, Office Max, and Office Depot: - Found in the packing area

Athletic/grip tape: White tape: Academy: - in the workout/MMA area Walmart: - found in the pharmacy area, comes in a box of 4 Dick's Sporting Goods: - workout/MMA area Dollar Tree: - Found with the pharmasutical supplies

Various colors: Dick's Sporting Goods and Acadamey


Tube Socks(cotton with/without polyester): Can be bought anywhere that sells socks.

Stockings(elastic): Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Walgreens: -Cheapest option Price will vary

Men's Dress Socks: Same as above Price will vary

Leggings (cotton & polyester): Same as above Price will vary

  • Sewn Cover

Required Materials: A core A cover Sticky back craftfoam Lightest duty packing tape Grip tape (if you want it on your handle) Foam for the blade (only if you do not want pool noodle)

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